Ann Toet and Jan Klaver - Two clever creatives!


Ann Toet and Jan Klaver - Two clever creatives!

I first started teaching workshops in 2015 and so very grateful for the invitations and opportunities that they have given me. 

Something very special often comes from class and that is finding likeminded people who become life long friends.  

Two people who attended one of my classes is Ann Toet and Jan Klaver.

Not only are they best friends and sister-in-laws but these ladies are such clever creative individuals. Like most people who grow up in rural areas, craft is a big part of life and both women were taught various crafts from mothers and grandmothers. 

 Jan Klaver 

Jan was born in country New South Wales where she learnt sewing by her grandmother on an old treadle sewing machine.   Her father is Dutch and her grandmother and great aunt passed on to her a love of hand embroidery.

Felting and eco dyeing combines all the elements of creativity, mindfulness and surprise and this is what Jan loves to share. 

 Ann Toet

Ann is an award winning serial crafter who first learned crochet and knitting at the age of six from her mother. 

She has dabbled in eucalyptus dyeing since 1984 and has been teaching crochet, macrame, spinning and felting for many years. 

Some images of their incredible work have been shown here. They are truly more inspiring and creative in person. Each time we meet, they are working on and always have something fabulous to show and share.  

The great news is that we have decided to come together and organise a workshop of dyeing, spinning and felting workshop.  Come and learn how to make your own Felt artwork! 


Join us in September for this workshop, email for details. 

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