Our Story

Eastern Weft is a weaving co-operative based in Vientiane, Laos founded in 2004 by Samorn Sanixay and Khaisy Sopabmixay, to showcase the beauty and diversity of Lao textiles and craft. 

Our textiles are created entirely by hand and the yarn, produced locally is hand spun and hand dyed, taking their colours from nature - leaves, seeds, flowers and plants that are in season. Each piece is then hand woven on traditional floor looms. Slight shifts in texture and colour exist, reflecting seasonal changes and revealing the unique hand of the weaver.

Our young weavers are from ethnic minority hill tribes, therefore bringing their own skills, techniques and traditional motifs into the process. All of this allows one to become part of the story behind each creation.

"Our focus is in reviving the craft that has existed for centuries. Over 70 different ethnic groups exist in South East Asia and each one has their own distinct technique. We want to celebrate and bring together these tribes and traditions in our workshop to create magnificent textiles and accessories". 

Eastern Weft works to enhance the lives of our gifted artisans through fair wages, education but most importantly through individual creativity. 



We created an aesthetic that stems from a mix of contemporary design fused with traditional weaving and textile techniques.