The faces behind the creations

In the very beginning when we established our weaving cooperative we were just a small group of 6 women. Each weaver came from different ethnic minority group, mostly from the mountainous area's of Northern Laos. Each ethnic minority group has a rich textile tradition of their own that distinguishes their tribe from another. We are proud that so many traditions and techniques exist in Laos and we combine them together each season when creating our textiles.

Most girls in remote village areas are taught to weave, usually by their mothers when they are young. There are no markets to buy clothes or blankets therefore they must produce their own. We are so privileged to have such gifted weavers working with us.

However, the few who can produce any pattern or picture on the loom is called a "master weaver". These people are able to create templates and set patterns for themselves and other weavers. We are lucky to have several in our house and young Vinh is one of them. She is our secret weapon.

Each weaver below is draped in the scarf that she has woven, all images were taken by Tom Greenwood in 2006.

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