Vintage Hmong Hill tribe Baby Carrier III

By EasternWeft


This beautiful piece of fabric is an antique Hmong Hill tribe Baby carrier or baby sling. The Hmong People are a Hill tribe that live along the borders of China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. They are known for their incredible traditional clothing and jewellery.

Each baby carrier is made by mother-to-be for her unborn child. The fabric is first hand woven then decorated using batik technique. After the batik, the finest appliqué and hand stitched embroidery is added to create beautiful details and motifs.

The base is cotton dyed with Indigo. Each piece is unique as each baby carrier is made by each woman for her new baby. These pieces are very good condition. 

Measurements 45cm x 70cm  

Materials: Lao cotton, hemp, jute 

Price varies on quality and size of each piece. 

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