Dried Rosella - Hibiscus sabdariffa

By EasternWeft


Rosella, Roselle is a species that is part of the Hibiscus family that is native to many parts of the world including Laos in Southeast Asia. These dried flowers were hand picked from our farm in Laos where it is is grown for several purposes. 

The stem of Rosella can be used to make cords and thread. The leaves are edible and the flowers are used in cooking. Rosella is used as a natural food colouring in many parts of the world. 

For us, it is also one of our much loved sources of natural dye, where shades of red and various pinks and purples can be created depending on the age of the flower and strength of dye.

Once purchased a PDF will be sent with instructions on how to achieve the different shades. 

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