Australian Indigo Seeds (Indigofera australis)

By EasternWeft


This Australian Indigo (Indigofera australis) is a plant known for producing indigo dye. A range of others colours can be produced depending on the growing conditions of the plant and the tecnhniques used.



Sow your seeds in pot or seed trays.  Make sure to use good seeding soil for best results. Place seeds in about 5cm of soil, water and place in a warm and sunny location. Seeds will germinate within 3-4 weeks. Ensure your soil does not dry out, 

 maintain a damp level of moisture not soping. In Australia, sow seeds in late winter or spring. 

 When plants are 2cm, you can move them into the ground or other pots. 

This pack contains 15 seed pods with a total of 60- 80 seeds. 


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