Dried Eucalyptus Leaves - DIY Prints - Silk and Wool

By EasternWeft


After many requests, this pack has been put together so you can create your own perfect leaf print design. 

The pack includes six different eucalyptus leaves :

Reds - Brittle gum (E. Mannifera) and Silver dollar (E.Cinerea)    

Yellows - Southern Blue Gum (E. Globulus)    

 Oranges - Bundy gum (E. Gonocalyx) and Red box ( E. Polyamthemos)

Three large pieces of cotton, silk and merino wool fabric, each piece is around 25cmcm  x 25cm (10 inches) 

20g of natural alum rock.

A tutorial guide will be emailed out once purchase has been made.

Eucalyptus leaves are harvested from private gardens in Canberra as well as home grown 

Alum rock is from Laos.


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