Introducing David the tailor

Everyone who arrives in Australia has story, some more interesting than others.

David is one of those incredibly talented craftsman who hand makes our leather bags.
He was born in Vietnam and learned his tailoring skills from French masters in the 1970’s.

David and his wife arrived in Australia in 1985 as refugees after the Vietnam war . He then took further training in Fashion design at TAFE college (over 20 years ago) so he could understand the entire production process of a product and garment. After graduation, he set up his own workshop in the western suburbs of Sydney. Today, he creates beautiful pieces for some of the biggest names in Australian Fashion design.

He is softly spoken and polite but while he is engaging in conversation he notices a stitch that is ever so slightly out of place on your shirt.

We are extremely lucky to have our leather bags cut and handmade by a Master.

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